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Stratford Chiropractic is committed to assisting individuals and families at all stages of life, on their health journey. As chiropractors, we believe your body is the best healer you can ever have; we tailor our treatments to your specific needs, to deliver optimum outcomes for you. Stratford Chiropractic creates personalised treatment plans for individuals of all ages and stages, from birth, through the early years, transformative years and senior years. Our goal is to see the whole family happy and thriving.



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Dr Karen Hansor Is Passionate About Helping Her Patients

Dr Hansor uses a variety of techniques to restore appropriate nerve function to the body. Conditions she can assist with include but are not limited to, stress, posture, inflammation, balance, back and neck pain and sciatica. Karen believes knowledge is power for her patients. She supports and empowers them with treatment, information, guidance and referral when required to optimise their body’s healing ability. From babies to pregnant Mums, teenagers, adults and seniors, she looks forward to caring for you.

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Heal Your Body & Reach Your Potential

Do you want to heal your body using natural treatments, with no drugs or surgery? Do you want to be the best you can be? Then you should see Cairns Chiropractor Dr Hansor at Stratford Chiropractic. She provides the treatments, tools and guidance needed to help heal your body and achieve optimum health.

Chiropractic recognises the body’s natural healing ability. By restoring appropriate nerve function to the body, we enable and restore function. Many patients present with an acute or chronic ache or pain. Our whole of body treatments assists with the recovery of these, while also addressing underlying issues that may not have become evident. The results speak for themselves. Many of our patients at Stratford Chiropractic report improved overall health after treatments.

Preventative, Restorative & Wellness

Beyond pain, Stratford Chiropractic can help you maintain or optimise your function and assist with preventing future injuries. An initial course of care will see most people out of their acute pain. Some of our patients choose to restore function over the longer term, with a longer corrective care plan of less frequent chiropractor Cairns visits. While others choose to make chiropractic part of their overall health and lifestyle, to maintain the functional gain they have achieved and to further optimise their function.

When you first come into the practice, our primary aim will be to get you out of pain as soon as possible. How long you choose to have chiropractor Cairns care is always up to you. Dr Hansor and her family are regularly adjusted as a lifestyle choice, at a variable frequency depending on what is happening in their lives.

Chiropractor Cairns At Stratford Chiropractic

At Stratford Chiropractic we can help restore effective communication between the brain and nervous system, enabling your body to heal itself. This is a natural treatment, with no drugs or surgery. We use our knowledge of your nervous system, combined with gentle and precise adjustments, to restore your function.

Our chiropractor Cairns adjustments correct alignment, using low force and manual techniques, to make sure your structure is in good working order. That is all the joints of your spine, cranium and pelvis, as well as your arms and legs, moving as they should. As Chiropractors we are not the healers, you are. Your body is the best healer you can ever have. We will assist your body to perform its best.

Helping babies, kids and adults to be their best

With assessment, treatment, guidance and support.

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