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Cairns chiropractor Dr Karen Hansor tailors her treatments to provide optimum, individual results. She does this by addressing and correcting nerve dysfunction, using low force and manual techniques including the Gonstead technique, Thompson drop piece, (NIP) Neuro impulse protocol which is a toggle recoil technique, Applied kinesiology, Trigger Point Therapy and Neuro Emotional Technique (more on this below). Why is it important to have good nerve function? Your nervous system is your body’s electrical wiring and it transmits energy and messages around your body. It’s made up of the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system). From the spinal cord it becomes the peripheral nervous system, with peripheral nerves branching off between every bone (vertebrae) in the spine to supply all the tissues and cells in your body. If it’s not working correctly, then neither are you. Our Cairns Chiropractor is here to help.

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Cairns chiropractor Dr Karen Hansor provides a range of treatments, suiting every member of your family. These include but are not limited to the following.

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Cairns Chiropractor Consultations

An initial consultation with our Cairns Chiropractor Dr Karen Hansor, takes between 30-45 minutes for an adult and 30 minutes for a child. It commences with taking a thorough patient history. For our young patients, we email a patient history form to the parents to shorten the history taking process. Or if you’d prefer, this can be completed online with our digital Child Spinal and Postural Examination Form.

Initial consultations with our Cairns Chiropractor include a postural analysis, from the back and side of you or your child’s spine (depending on age), to assess for imbalance. We then check the range of movement in the spine, feeling for inflammation in the joints and motion in specific joints. Then our Cairns Chiropractor performs Applied Kinesiology, a muscle testing technique that is very helpful with diagnostic testing. This enables our Cairns Chiropractor to specifically identify individual areas of nerve dysfunction, which in chiropractic terms is called a Subluxation complex.

Cairns Chiropractor Treatments

Once we have identified where the nerve function is compromised (the Subluxation complex), our Cairns Chiropractor can make a precise adjustment to restore normal joint movement and nerve function to the body. The choice of technique is determined by patient preference and what their body responds to.

For babies and kids up to 12-years of age, Dr Hansor almost exclusively uses low force adjusting techniques, (high velocity, specific impulse without an audible cavitation). Mainly Neuro Impulse protocol or NIP, which is a specific low force technique developed for babies; it’s gentle enough to use on a newborn but is also used very successfully on many adults. It engages the light touch receptors of the body. For teenage and adult patients, she uses a combination of both low force and manual techniques (very fast, very small specific impulses that mostly result in an audible ‘click’). The Gonstead technique is the main manual technique employed.

Dr Hansor also practices NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) when appropriate, which is a stress relieving technique used to gain further nervous system stability and reduce the load on the nervous system.

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