Headache Treatment Cairns

Headache treatment Cairns is available at Chiropractic for Health. We know how debilitating headaches can be and sadly, a large proportion of our population do suffer from them. Some patients suffer chronic headaches and migraines, while some are tension related. Indeed, headaches can be caused by many factors and as such, there is no one easy headache treatment Cairns, which can be applied to every patient. At Chiropractic for Health, we’re committed to helping our patients achieve optimum health and wellness for their circumstances and presenting conditions. Our Cairns headache treatment appointments commence with a thorough assessment, enabling us to tailor our approach and methods, to suit your needs.

Chiropractic Headache Treatment Cairns

Our chiropractic headache treatment Cairns is provided using a range of modalities, with the best combination chosen to suit your specific presenting conditions. We approach and treat each client as an individual, using a patient centred approach to care. Our Cairns chiropractor headache treatment options include but are not limited to spinal manipulation and adjustment; Trigger Point Therapy; Neuro Emotional Technique (NET); Applied kinesiology and more. Our treatment is non-invasive and low pressure, designed to restore appropriate nerve function to the body. Initial consultations range from 30 to 45 minutes and include taking a thorough patient history and physical assessment.

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Chiropractor Headache Treatment Cairns ~ We Can Help

Chiropractor headache treatment Cairns, that is drug and pain free, is something we offer at Chiropractic for Health in Stratford. Evidence* suggests that appropriate chiropractic care, delivered by an experienced professional like Dr Karen Hansor, can improve neck headaches (cervicogenic headaches).

It’s a natural approach to Cairns headache treatment, that is based around addressing a subluxation. A subluxation is an area of altered spinal motion, tension or misalignment. It can be caused by many things including physical, emotional and chemical stress. Some possible side effects of subluxation can include headaches. Cairns treatments can be booked online or by calling Dr Karen Hansor on 0439 455 743.

* Journal Of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics. Original Article| Volume 34, Issue 5, P274-289, June 01, 2011

Migraine Treatment Cairns

Migraine treatment Cairns that is focussed on gentle, natural treatments, is what we offer as chiropractors. ‘For migraine, spinal manipulation and multimodal multidisciplinary interventions including massage are recommended for management of patients with episodic or chronic migraine*.’

Our Cairns migraine treatments do not include medications. They are focussed on restoring appropriate nerve function to the body. At Chiropractic for Health we recognise each patient is an individual and their presenting conditions, including migraines, should be addressed accordingly. That’s why we create personalised treatment plans.

The frequency and quantity of appointments required for our migraine treatment Cairns varies. If we are unable to assist you, we will liaise with and suggest other practitioners who may be able to help.

Dr Karen Hansor is passionate about helping her patients, of all ages, to be their very best with assessment, treatment, guidance and support. There are no referrals needed and health rebates are available on the spot for patients with private health insurance, via the HiCaps system.

* Journal Of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics. Original Article| Volume 34, Issue 5, P274-289, June 01, 2011

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