Chiropractic Neck Pain Care

At Chiropractic for Health we help a lot of patients suffering from acute or chronic neck pain. Neck pain may have a multitude of causes. Stress, physical and emotional; biomechanical; lifestyle and diet. It can impact your sleep and other daily activities, as well as causing headaches. The good news is, most neck pain is due to biomechanical causes that can be assisted by effective chiropractic adjustments. These will restore normal movement, relaxation of muscle spasms (skeletal or smooth), strengthen weak muscles and reduce inflammation. All of our neck pain treatments are comfortable and drug free, providing natural pathways to healing and wellness. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us on 0439 455 743.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatments in Cairns

The initial chiropractic consultation begins with a comprehensive 30 to 45 minute assessment of your history and current physical state and symptoms. This includes muscle and reflex testing. This helps to identify specific areas of nerve dysfunction that may be the cause or contributing factor of neck pain. Once we have identified precisely where the nerve function is compromised, we’ll make manual and low force adjustments to help restore normal joint movement and nerve function. This should help to alleviate neck pain. See our Services page for further information on specific treatment techniques.

Cairns Chiropractic Neck Pain

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Chiropractic Care For Neck Pain

At Chiropractic for Health we recognise your body has a natural inbuilt healing ability. By restoring appropriate nerve function to the body, we enable it to function as it’s supposed to, helping you to achieve relief from your neck pain.

We do this by making sure your structure is in good working order. That all the joints of your spine, cranium, pelvis and even your arms and legs, are moving as they should. This is achieved through the specific delivery of adjustments, tailoring the technique to suit the individual.

The body functions more efficiently when it has appropriate nerve function. Many of Dr Hansor’s chiropractic patients note they feel ‘lighter and brighter’ after an adjustment.

Neck Pain ~ Knowledge Is Power

Beyond offering specialised treatments and guidance to patients with neck pain, Dr Hansor is passionate about providing them with the tools and information to make positive change in their daily lives.

She acknowledges we are all only as strong as our weakest link. This means you might be great at exercising, but poor diet choices compromise your healing potential. Likewise, if you have an excellent diet but you are highly stressed then your healing potential will again be reduced. Each body heals and recovers when you rest. So adequate sleep and rest ensures faster more complete healing for neck pain and other ailments.

As primary health care practitioners, Chiropractors are trained to diagnose medical conditions that require co-management with other health care providers or immediate referral for medical management.

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