Chiropractor Cairns Posture Treatment

Chiropractor Cairns posture treatment is gentle and non-invasive at Stratford Chiropractic. Firstly, we determine where the joint dysfunction is, that is resulting in less than ideal posture. For example, if your pelvic and sacrum joints (which are located below your low back) are not aligned, this can increase or decrease our low back and neck curves, called lordosis. This will often result in the head tipping forward from the rest of the body. This means that neck pain may be a result of low back dysfunction and vice versa. A misaligned, dysfunctional joint (called a subluxation complex in Chiropractic) anywhere in the body, affects the entire body. When supporting our patients with professional Chiropractor Cairns posture treatments, we also provide advice and guidance on ways to make active changes in your daily life, to lead to improved posture and reduced muscular aches and pains. Our Chiropractor Cairns posture treatment and care is comprehensive and includes assessment, appropriate testing and the delivery of specific chiropractic care for you.

Chiropractor Cairns Posture Treatment

Knowledge is power. Dr Hansor provides patients with information, guidance and referral when required, to support and empower people to optimise their own body’s healing ability. We know you are only as strong as your weakest link. This means you might be great at exercising, but if you have a poor diet, your healing potential is compromised. Likewise, if you have an excellent diet but you are highly stressed, your healing potential will again be reduced. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle without adequate movement, your muscles and ligaments do not hold up your structure as they should. At Stratford Chiropractic, we tailor our Chiropractor Cairns posture treatment to suit your individual needs, helping kids and adults to be their best.

Chiropractor Cairns Posture Treatment

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Chiropractor Cairns Posture Treatment, Care & Spine Function

Several researchers have found that chiropractic care improves spinal function. This is significant, as spinal dysfunction is known to result in reduced postural control (Haavik*). When we look at a patient’s spine from the side, it should be like an ‘s’ shape. A loss of our natural lordotic curves in the low back and neck can arise from a whip lash injury or sitting with head looking down for hours on end. This results in the spine being less able to react well to even little stresses and strains, like it would if it had its natural curves like a spring.

An increase in our natural curves also results in abnormal biomechanics that can predispose to posture strain and pain. A scoliosis is lateral deviation in the spine. As Chiropractors we are very well placed to assess for scoliosis and depending on the cause manage or co-manage your care. Posture reflects your confidence and feeling of wellbeing. The average human head weighs 4.5-5.5kg Hansrai’s** study found that as the head moves forward the weight increases drastically. At 15 degrees of neck flexion the head weighs 12.3kgs at 45 degrees of flexion the head weighs 22.3kgs. As the head moves forward the neck muscles need to work harder which can result in tension headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain.

* Haavik H. The reality Check, (2014) Haavik Research
**5] Hansraj, K, “Assessment of Stresses in the Cervical Spine Caused by Posture and Position of the Head,” Neuro and Spine Surgery, Surgical Technology International XXV Cited in Australian spinal research foundation Forward head posture- its effects on the young and the ageing.

Our Chiropractor Cairns Posture Treatment

Our Chiropractor Cairns posture treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs. It begins with a thorough assessment, which includes postural analysis, from the back and side of your spine, to assess for imbalance. We also check the range of movement in the spine, feeling for inflammation in the joints and motion specific joints.

Appropriate nerve flow can be achieved with specific chiropractic adjustments. See our Services page for further information on specific treatment techniques. Many of our Chiropractor Cairns posture treatment patients feel ‘lighter and brighter’ after an adjustment. Dr Hansor is highly skilled and experienced with assisting with posture related problems.

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