Tech Neck, It’s A Thing

Tech Neck, it’s a ‘thing’ – and it can be caused by endless browsing, swiping, liking and texting on your mobile or tablet. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of spending too much time on our phones, but we are seeing patients of all ages coming in with sore necks and ‘Tech Neck’, is now becoming a common health issue across the country.

What’s the correlation between phone time and sore necks? It all comes down to posture. Most people look down at their phones, which can put pressure on your neck and spine, especially when you maintain that position for any length of time.

Research has shown that the average Australian spends more than 5.5 hours on their mobile device each day*. With a third checking their social, news and weather status within 5 minutes of waking up**. This equates too almost 17 years of your life*, spent looking at a phone (based on the average age you get a phone – which is 10 years old – and average life expectancy).

So, what are the symptoms of Tech Neck? Initially, it’s having a sore neck. Over time and left untreated, this pain and poor posture can lead to further health implications, including headaches, shoulder pain and jaw problems.

How do we ‘fix’ it? There are a number of steps you can implement in your own life, which will help to prevent Tech Neck. This includes holding your phone at eye level, so you aren’t slouching to see the screen, and including regular stretching and exercise into your day, to balance out that screen time. Also, reducing screentime and spending more time being ‘present’.

At Stratford Chiropractic, we’re here to help support your neck and spinal health. Using gentle and natural treatment and adjustments, to help restore normal movement, relax muscle spasms (skeletal or smooth), strengthen any weak muscles and reduce inflammation.

We recognise your body has a natural, inbuilt healing ability. By restoring appropriate nerve function to your neck and body, we enable it to function as it’s supposed to, helping you to achieve relief from your neck pain.

So, if you are suffering from Tech Neck, then please make an appointment to see us. Our Cairns chiropractic neck pain treatments are comfortable and drug free, providing natural pathways to healing and wellness, backed by scientific studies from around the world. Book online or call (07) 4055 1667.


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