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Cairns chiropractor for babies and children is a focus at Stratford Chiropractic. Dr Karen Hansor is passionate about providing professional, caring chiropractic care for younger patients. So much so, that as well as having a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University (Sydney), she furthered her studies and graduated with a Masters of Science in Chiropractic Pediatrics from the University of Wales. As well as being highly skilled and qualified, Dr Hansor is also a Mum, who knows firsthand the importance of wellness within children. Her Chiropractor Cairns for babies and children treatments are tailored to individual needs. She works closely with parents and patients, providing guidance, support and care.

Pediatric Chiropractor Cairns

Dr Hansor is a kind, gentle and nurturing Chiropractor Cairns for babies and children, dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness wishes. She can work with newborns, toddlers, young kids and teenagers. Initial consultations take around 30 minutes for babies and children. To keep things streamlined, we can email a patient history form to be completed prior to the appointment. Or if you’d prefer, this can be completed online with our digital Child Spinal and Postural Examination Form. Children of all ages often respond more quickly to chiropractic care than adults. This is because any nerve disorder or imbalance they may have, has not been present for very long.

Cairns Chiropractic for Babies and Children

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Chiropractor Cairns Paediatric Research

Dr Karen Hansor’s post graduate Chiropractic Paediatric studies taught her that paediatric patients are not mini adults. Their nervous systems undergo massive developmental changes between birth to 4 years and beyond. There are many primitive reflexes that the body must integrate as they develop.

Dr Hansor’s post graduate research dissertation researched the effect of antenatal education and chiropractic care on birth outcomes. It identified a high statistical significance with four factors from the birth history, that were highly predictive of babies which were born showing signs of nerve dysfunction and abnormal tone. These 4 factors were an initial APGAR score of less than 9, initial blueness in the baby or any jaundice in the first 1-2 weeks, grade 1 or more perineal tearing requiring stitches for the mother or any grazes, bruises or swellings noted in the baby after birth.

Chiropractor Cairns For Babies and Children

Why bring your child in for an adjustment? According to Chestnut* 65% of neurological development occurs in your child’s first year. The nervous system controls everything your child does, from breathing and digesting, to running, playing, thinking and feeling. Interference can impair your child’s ability to function at their best.

This can happen from birth. Gutman** found that from 1,000 infants examined, more than 80% had some form of nerve dysfunction. Just as a tooth cavity may have no symptoms, the same principles can apply for a vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment causing nerve dysfunction).

* Chestnut J. The 14 Foundational Premises for the Scientific & philosophical Validation of the Wellness Paradigm. Canada: Chestnut Wellness & Chiropractic Corporation (2003) Cited in Barham-Floreani J. Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edi, 2009

** Gutman G. Blocked Atlantal Nerve syndrome in Babies & infants. Manuelle Medzin. 1987;25:5-10 cited in Barham-Floreani J Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edi, 2009

Chiropractor Cairns - Paediatric Treatments

All of our Chiropractor Cairns treatments for babies and children are gentle and natural, tailored to suit age and individual requirements. For the very young, Dr Hansor uses low force adjusting techniques that engage the light touch receptors of the body. Pressure is often no more than you would use to feel if a tomato or mango is ripe. For teenagers, both low force and manual techniques are used. See our Services page for further information on specific treatment techniques.

Restoring nerve function and flow can help babies and children overcome a range of conditions, including trouble sleeping and being ‘clumsy’ (hitting heads, running into things, having trouble coordinating movement for soccer, basketball etc). Anxious children can be supported with the Neuro Emotional Technique, which is a gentle, stress relieving technique.

Nerve Dysfunction In Kids

Children of all ages can suffer nerve dysfunction. This can be caused by simple, every day activities including general knocks, falls and sports injuries from bike riding, roller blading and more. It can also be caused by repetitive or prolonged postures, such as watching TV or playing computer games.

In fact, Lewit, Barth & Leipzig’s study* found that in a group of apparently healthy children, 15.8% had cervical spine or neck subluxation and 40% had pelvic subluxation. Children are incredibly flexible and resilient. Their bodies usually recover quickly and easily from these stresses. Every now and then though, some stressors can have longer lasting and significant effects on the health of your child. Tension builds over time in response to these stresses and children can gradually become less flexible. Chiropractor Cairns for babies and children – Dr Karen Hansor – is highly skilled, qualified and dedicated to delivering quality Cairns chiropractor treatment and services for people of all ages.

*Lewit, K. Barth JA & Leipzig. Functional Disorders of the spine in Children. Maneulle Therapie. 1973;2(7):50-54. Cited in Barham-Floreani J. Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edi, 2009

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