Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Care

Our Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care services are natural and gentle. They’re designed to support your body and maximise your comfort and wellness through all stages of pregnancy, including delivery. The benefits of our Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care can include the alleviation of mid back pain and ensuring your pelvis is sitting correctly, to allow optimum room for your baby to grow and move, avoiding what is called in-utero constraint. Dr Karen Hansor is a highly skilled and qualified chiropractor, with a passion for family health. As a Mum herself, she is familiar with the pregnancy journey. For supportive, natural Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Care, contact us at Stratford Chiropractic on phone (07) 4055 1667 or

Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Care

Dr Hansor is passionate about assisting families on their health journey and this starts with pregnant Mums. Karen is a registered Chiropractor with AHPRA the Australian Chiropractic Board and is an ACA Member (Australian Chiropractic Association). She delivers natural, gentle and effective Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care and treatment to women at all stages of their pregnancy journey. Initial consultations take between 30-45 minutes and commence with a comprehensive patient history check and overview.

Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Care

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Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Care

Our Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care will support your body and nervous system throughout all stages of pregnancy. It is safe, pain and drug free. It can help you remain comfortable and alleviate lower back pain, joint and muscle discomfort and sciatica. *It can also assist your body to adapt to gravitational and hormonal changes, occurring during the pregnancy and assist with the optimal positioning at birth.

*Moving towards labour, our Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care can help to enable the mother’s body to have correct biomechanics of the spine and pelvis during birth, which may assist with the baby’s head to apply even pressure to the cervix which enables your body to dilate effectively during labour. This may decrease or eliminate the need for pain relief during delivery and contribute to a more straight forward labour, with less pain and trauma.

*As taken from Anrig C & Plaugher G. (2013) Pediatric Chiropractic, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins pages 30-31 Inutero constraint.

Chiropractor Cairns Pregnancy Treatments

Our Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care and treatments vary during your gestation, from individual to individual. This is because your physical condition is constantly changing. Our treatments need to reflect this, to provide maximum comfort and support, at all stages of pregnancy.

Dr Hansor tailors her Chiropractor Cairns pregnancy care to your specific circumstances. She listens to your history and completes a series of non-invasive tests to seek the best places to focus her treatment, to deliver optimum outcomes. This includes a postural analysis, your range of movement and muscle and reflex testing.

Our clinic rooms are comfortable and calming. We provide pillows and support mechanisms to maximise pregnant patient comfort when in our care. After your precious bundle arrives, we can continue your wellness journey providing treatments and guidance on how to minimise back and muscle pain, from carrying, changing and caring for your baby.

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