Back to School Chiropractic

It’s that time of year already, when children head back to school for another big year of learning. This year, I’d like to encourage parents and kids to think about positive habits, which will help protect growing spines and optimise the general health and wellbeing of the younger members of the family.

So, as we start week 2 of Term 1, here’s some top tips for healthy habits, brought to you as a part of the Australian Chiropractors Association’s Back to School campaign.

  1. Backpacks. Pack the heaviest items to the back of the bag and only take the essentials. Zip it up and carry with straps over both shoulders, adjusted to ensure correct fit. Secure around the middle, using the waist straps. This all helps to evenly distribute the load on your spine.
  2. Classroom Posture. Students should sit with both feet firmly on the floor (no crossed legs), with shoulders back and relaxed. Slouching and slumping can impact spinal health and development.
  3. Nutrition. Your child will perform better at school, with optimised concentration, if they have a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure the lunchbox contains healthy foods and always encourage them to drink lots of water, throughout the day.
  4. Keep Them Active. Encourage your child to participate in physical activity, aiming for at least 60 minutes every day. This can include playground play, walking or riding to school, after school sport, swimming or making use of local bike and scooter pathways and ramps.
  5. Screen time. Lots of classrooms use computers as learning aids. Take that into consideration at home and limit recreational screen time, to two-hours per day.

By focussing on the basics from the start of the year, you can help set your child up with healthy spine habits, which will enhance their general health and wellbeing as they grow. I’m passionate about chiropractic care for children and specialise in this area. I’m also a Mum and know first hand the difference chiropractic care can make, in a child’s development.

If you’d like more information or assistance with any of this, please contact me to make an appointment on 0439 455 743 or email I’m committed to helping kids be their best, with assessment, treatment, guidance and support.

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