Cleaning ~ A Pain in The Back

Many of us are probably getting ready for Christmas, which invariably includes a bit of spring cleaning. Putting up decorations, wrapping and hiding presents and getting the house ready for visiting friends and relatives.

Did you know that some people suffer back pain, as a result of this? It’s true, cleaning can be a real pain in the back. To help prevent this, I’m pleased to provide the following tips and suggestions on how to clean, with your spine in mind.

  • Don’t Let It Get You Down. Many people hunch over when vacuuming and mopping. Extended periods of hunching can lead to back pain. To help prevent this, try to complete these activities in a lunge position. This not only straightens your spine, it also helps to improve posture, both of which are good news for your back.
  • Bend at The Knees. If you’re getting the Christmas decorations out of storage, or wrapping and hiding gifts, always remember to bend at the knees when lifting and keep heavy objects close to your body. By bending at the knees, rather than your waist, you reduce the strain on your spine.
  • Take Your Time. I know, we don’t want cleaning to take any longer than necessary, but it’s important to take regular breaks, to avoid constant strain on your spine. Grab a cool drink while resting, to stay hydrated in our hot summer conditions.
  • Warm Up & Cool Down. Preparing and stretching muscles appropriately, helps to improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability. To help with this, the Australian Chiropractors Association has prepared a Straighten Up app, which you can learn more about here.

Did you know the 2016 Census revealed 10% of Australian adults do 30-plus hours of housework every week? Which is more than 4 hours every day. Given that, it’s not surprising that some people find cleaning can give them a real pain in the back. Which is why you should always be mindful of your spine, when completing these repetitive activities.

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