March Is Mobility Month

The Australian Chiropractors Association are calling this March the ‘Mobility Month’ and it’s a great time to see how your body is holding up, as we move into 2021. Having pain-free freedom of movement is something many take for granted, but we see many patients presenting at the clinic with back, neck and shoulder pain every day. While the cause of the pain varies from person to person, the results are all very similar and can be debilitating.

Those who experience pain doing everyday activities, such as walking the dog, getting in and out of chairs and turning their neck to check traffic, often modify their behaviour to minimise the pain. This can result in decreased exercise and state of mind. You may even be unknowingly modifying or limiting your movements, to minimise pain. At Chiropratic for Health we are committed to helping patients of all ages be their best and are excited to share with you four easy ways to self-assess your range of movement, checking flexibility, strength and balance.

The four-step self-assessment has been prepared by the Australian Chiropractors Association and is easy to do. It includes Neck Rotation, Trunk Side Bend, Sit To Stand and Single Leg Stance. All of which are pictured below, with instructions provided underneath.

Neck Rotation

  • Sitting down, keep your shoulders still and against the chair.
  • Turn your head all the way to the left as if you were looking over your shoulder. How far around did you get?
  • Repeat on the right. Was it even? Was it comfortable?

Trunk Side Bend

  • Stand with your feet comfortably apart.
  • Run a hand down the side of your leg so you side bend without leaning backwards or forwards.
  • Repeat on the other side. Was it even and was it comfortable to do?

Sit to Stand

  • Sit in the middle of your chair. Cross your arms over your chest.
  • Keeping your back straight and arms across your chest…
  • Stand straight up and then sit back down. Did you do this easily or was it hard?

Single Leg Stance

  • In a safe environment free of trip hazards, stand upright with feet together and place hands on hips.
  • Lift one foot off the ground. Do not allow your legs to touch. Time how long you can stand without moving.
  • Repeat on opposite side. Are you able to stand on each leg for at least 40 seconds? (If under 60 years)

If you’re struggling with any of these tests, not to worry, chances are we can help! We provide tailored lifestyle care and advice to help you maintain your spinal health and overall health and wellbeing, including pain free mobility. Give us a call to arrange an appointment and have your mobility reviewed. Phone (07) 4055 1667 or book online.

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